Praise for A Camouflaged Fragrance of Decency

“A pop starlet fresh out of rehab, an insurance company middle-manager with an unhealthy appetite for baked goods, a high school sophomore with spectacular facial hair — all sorts of American oddballs turn up in Tim Josephs’ sly, off-kilter, very funny fiction. To read these short stories (some of them very short indeed) is to enter a strange territory where Raymond Carver meets The Onion. Brevity, soul, and lots of wit.”
- Jody Rosen, writer, Slate Magazine

“Josephs’ witty stories are dependable in that they have an often macabre twist to them.”
- The Newark Star-Ledger

“Tim Josephs writes stories with just the right mix of humor, heart and truth. He speaks for anyone whose ever had a childhood, dated the right person, dated the wrong person or gotten older.”
- Doug Dean, editor,

“Josephs writes with such consistency, his brand of funny both unique and fully realized…[he] ultimately reveals himself as a talented writer and humorist.”
- The Mountain Xpress, Asheville, NC

“Josephs has a unique sensibility and great potential as a storyteller and observer of the human condition.”
- The Feminist Review

“If you ever want to think of cake, foosball or elementary school cafeterias in the same light again, you’d better shelter yourself from the mind of Tim Josephs and its hunger to bite off chunks of life’s absurdities and package them into tightly-plotted candy wrappers for your reading pleasure.”
- Jeremy Benjamin, literary maniac and author of If I Catch You Reading This