Who Isn’t Tim Josephs?

Writer, avid hot air balloonist, five-time Golden Globe Awards watcher, tri-county area Bingo champion 1994-97, biography embellisher, yes, Tim Josephs does it all.

He was born and raised in New Jersey and, after being asked to leave the state for undisclosed reasons (the rumor is he was the one responsible for filling all those reservoirs with Pop Rocks), moved out to Oregon.

After finding an old typewriter under some trash in a dumpster (he claims he was looking for a sandwich he thought he had dropped in there a day or two earlier), Tim started writing. Incoherent rantings about the government and delicatessens that used too much mustard quickly gave way to coherent rantings about the government and delis that over mustardized.

Soon Tim was writing articles for such prestigious magazines as Rat Fancy and the Newarker. He then moved on to creating reality shows for the Fox network; some of his best known include “Who Wants to Marry Their Sibling?” and “Midget Yahtzee.”

In 2006, Tim joined the Portland Fiction Project. What at first he thought was a cult that would ultimately result in some kind of murder-suicide, Tim quickly discovered the PFP was a lovable group of misfits whose only goal was to produce quality short fiction. Tim soon honed his skills (and loaned his pills) as a short fiction writer.

After six and a half years in Oregon, Tim wore out his welcome yet again (apparently it’s illegal to sell beaver tails as “high-performance” ping pong paddles), and moved on to Asheville, NC.

Asheville proved too much for the man, and he headed east and decided to settle in Greensboro where he lives with his wife, two large, unruly cats, and a not-so-large but still unruly dog.