Curtain Call: Benefit of Doubt

In the fall of 2010, Portland Fiction Project reformed with Jacob Aiello in an editorial role, and with the goal of putting on our first benefit show. The issue we chose to explore was Domestic Violence and Abuse. We invited writers Alice Clark, Geneva Chao, Shanna Seesz, George Rachel and Scott Warfe to take part in six weekly workshops where they wrote short fiction pieces with given phrases as conceptual prompts. The show was called “The Benefit of Doubt,” and premiered at the Alberta Rose Theatre on December 8th. It featured readings of the best performance pieces from the workshop series with cello interludes by Kendra Carpenter taken from Schubert’s “Death and the Maiden.” Renee Mitchell performed from her play Tangoing With Tornados. Monica Drake was our featured guest reader. Future Historians played to close out the show.

This past spring, we chose to explore Homelessness using a similar workshop format and many of the same writers. This time Joe Pitkin joined us. The benefit show was called “Don’t Look Now” and was held at the Alberta Rose Theatre on June 8th. The show featured musical interludes from street performers including bucket drummer Thomas Brown, blues saxophonist and tapdancer Shoehorn and Albert Dean. Laura Moulton and Lidia Yuknavitch were guest readers. Future Historians played to close out the show.