A Trip Around the Guggenheim
A Short Story by Tim Josephs
Written using the suggestion "Empire"
Originally featured on 10-15-2007
As part of our series "A Funny Thing Happened To Me on the Way to the Fall"

Dedicated to my Grandma


“It looks like a big toilet.”

Lacey glanced at Brian and rolled her eyes. Here they were at their second-to-last stop on what had so far been (even with her nine-year-old brother doing his best to bug her) a pretty great day.

Their Grandmother had picked them up that morning and they drove to the train station where they took the number 24 into Penn Station. In a taxi on their way to the Museum of Natural History, they passed the Empire State Building. Brian was disappointed they weren’t stopping; even though he had been to the top three times, he still wanted to go back up to try and see their house across the river.

Once at the museum, he couldn’t get enough of the insects and particularly the dinosaurs; he sprinted around them, happily pretending they were alive and about to eat him. Lacey actually found the dinosaurs a little scary but because she was older — nearly a teenager after all — she could never admit it. However, she did stay a little closer to Grandma in that part of the museum.

After a couple hours they went to eat lunch at a little caf

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