Gossip - Josh
A Short Story by Doug Dean
Written using the suggestion ""You will be no friend of mine" "calling" "shadow" "distance" "future" "deep""
Originally featured on 08-07-2009
As part of our series "Stories Written for Mel Favara’s “1,000 Words” Reading Series"

See, I wasn’t sure if anyone would speak to me at this joint considering the recent rumors.  I figure everyone knows that Julie and I broke up and I guess I’m a little sketchy about this place since it’s her damn posse home.  It was a messy break-up.  Yes, Jules and I were having problems.  Yes, I can see that we probably weren’t gonna make it, fine.  But who needed to call me a fucking date rapist?  That fucking bitch must have been trying to sabotage me for no reason.  Other than that, I can’t make sense of it. I mean, let me tell you… nothing fucking happened.  We slept in the same bed together but nothing happened.  Jules is acting as if this just took place! Are you following me here?  Julie was in Amsterdam, we were “taking a break”.  That was when Carmen slept over.  How did it get so twisted? I know that she didn’t come up with this shit all by herself.  Let me tell you what, the shadow of that bitch, Carmen, is uglier than I imagined.  Now, everyone I know has distanced themselves from me.  I tried calling some of the pals I had round this joint and no one will talk to me.  Now I see how deep people are… fucking shallow.  Fine. You know what?  I’m living the dream now.  You will be no friend of mine, you who choose gossip over honesty. And you know what? In the future, the truth will come out.


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