Gossip - Julie
A Short Story by Doug Dean
Written using the suggestion ""a thousand people just like me" "island" "teeth" "shame" "wrong" "underground""
Originally featured on 07-30-2009
As part of our series "Stories Written for Mel Favara’s “1,000 Words” Reading Series"

So I went out with Chrissy two nights ago and had a couple of drinks—we had a really good time. We took shrooms and ended up in this underground village and I felt like I didn’t want to leave. Like there were a thousand people just like me there. I didn’t want to leave, but we had to, it was a shame. Anyway, yesterday she told me something about Josh that shook me up. It had teeth. Yeah, I know, it’s really weird but…I can totally believe this of him. Chrissy’s not wrong. He’s been so strange since I’ve been back…he doesn’t work…and I’m not attracted to him at all. I mean, let’s face it, I’m not attracted to men at all. If I were trapped on a desert island with one, not Josh, it might be a different story…But anyway, She told me that while I was gone!?...he dated raped someone I know. Well actually it’s someone we know. Well actually…it was Carmen. So then, yesterday, when I saw him, I told him that I know everything and that he is sickening for me to even look at, and that I’m leaving ‘cause I want nothing more to do with him. Then I packed up my stuff today and left…I’m waiting for my friend to get off work and I’ll be staying with her for a little bit. I haven’t talked to Carmen about it yet. But I just know Chrissy’s right. Right?


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