Leslie, The Imp: A Princess Story
A Short Story by Alice Clark
Written using the suggestion "Sentiment"
Originally featured on 11-24-2008
As part of our series "Holiday Fiction Drive (The Things Holidays Drive People To, The Things Holiday People Drive)"

It was a dark and stormy morning. Lesley, the imp, lay motionless in the bottom of a truck bed. Her head hurt and she was wearing someone else’s negligee. She woke up slowly and sat up, but the inertia pushed her back down.

Lesley’s friend Charles was tailing the truck in his teal Neon. His car lofted over bumps on the dirt road. Lesley reached a hand up to wave at Charles in her delirium. The truck bed had a light level of gasoline coating and Lesley loved it. Her head lolled with joy across the ridges of the truck bed. She felt like a beacon and a waif and was proud of her beauty. Her purse was still clutched in her left hand and this surprised her. She remembered the strip and the money and the way Chuck loved her for who she was. She looked for more pills under her tic-tacs.

Chuck the bastard drove his truck toward the ravine and hoped for a bitter end for Lesley. His face was festering with heat though his expression was dead. He kinda wanted to keep her around. He was running out of pills though, and now he’d have a more difficult time getting her to swallow them. He thought of her mother and how they had matching long blond hair and blue eyes. He thought about returning to their home to go pick up the second half of this matching set. Then he thought of the atrophy of his left arm and how embarrassing it would be for him to lose control of Lesley’s brawny mother, in front of Lesley.

Chuck loved lingerie more than life itself and the front of his cab was strewn with tiny bits of lace and black. He’d hold pieces to his face and look through it, breathing heavily. It reminded him of home ec. and the brunette that had sat two rows in front of him in 1979. He wanted to change Lesley’s clothes, because she was such a pretty dolly, but he knew she must be squirming by now. He looked back and sure enough she was moving.

Chuck’s truck was part of his soul and he loved the way the vinyl felt. He smoothed his hands over it to comfort himself. The wheels were high and he’d felt like a colossus when he put them on, using an elaborate lift system to get them in place without any help. The teal blue exterior was like a mirror. On a confusing September morning, he had buffed it to a shine, then was ashamed and took his shot gun out and shot it a few times. To ruin it a bit, because it was perfect.

Charles was horrified when he had received Lesley’s frantic call. He had, of course, notified the police of the kidnapping immediately, but what was more disturbing was that he had actually seen Lesley in the back of the truck as they drove by his kitchen window. This left him forced into a mockery of a police chase. Lesley, the classy dame was surely worth it though. Surely worth it.

Charles drove faster and faster and then slower. His interest waned. Lesley had been his first class broad but now he was thinking that maybe he should get a burger. That she was probably dead anyway. She’d show up on the 5 o’clock news for sure, and that would be enough information to catch him up with the story. What kept him going was the fact that Lesley had seen him, and if she did happen to live, he’d have explaining to do. His Neon did not like hills and he started eating old French fries off the floor of his car as he careened at about 70.

Chuck reached the ravine quicker than he thought he would and was a little disappointed that he didn’t have more time to fester. Lesley, by this time, was more than a little awake and she was walking like a fawn away from the truck by the time Chuck got out. He was a little disorganized with what to do at the end and decided to have her sit down by him to look over at the ravine for a while. She was a gangly thing and full of oily hair strewn over her face. Chuck pulled her arm, hard, and Lesley decided she didn’t like that. She screamed like a dying rabbit and this made Chuck giggle.

Once Lesley was sitting in Chuck’s lap, she calmed down. They looked over the fall and thought it calming. Charles pulled up and at first he was confused by this presentation, but quickly accepted it because it wasn’t the kind of thing you argued with. Chuck was more than a little cautious with this new man around, getting near his pretty baby, but he was more concerned about getting Lesley into a new outfit. Something nice maybe, for Christmas. They sat about ten feet from the ravine, and the gray dust Lesley kicked up annoyed Chuck. He pinched her cheek too hard and Lesley tried to bite him.

Something snapped in Charles when he saw Chuck undressing the imp and he thought he should help. Lesley bit into the pills she had been saving in her cheeks and kept a simple smile on her face. Being much stronger than Chuck, Charles was able to get Lesley naked in a split second. They put her in new lingerie, something spidery and very pink, and lay her in the grass between them. Night fell and the two men fell asleep under the stars beside the unconscious Lesley.

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