Stories written with The Portland Fiction Project
The Loneliness of the Short Fiction Instructor (Part 2) Wind
The Loneliness of the Short Fiction Instructor (Part 1) Empire
There Are So Many Things To Do Whilst Waiting for Her to Call Pride
Eggs Tripping
Scenes from a Special Ed. Summer Camp Orbit
Albion Summer Satellite
State Fair Unknown
Lunch Break Unknown
The Corn Palace: It’s A-Maize-Ing! Roosevelt
To Suckle Fools Kennedy
Jack Wells plays himself at The Summer Wedding of Two Former Friends Lincoln
Our New Student Teacher Labor
Charlie Lee Was Eating Lunch Alone Lunchroom
Operation: Doolittle
Episode IV: Freedom is a Penguin
Operation Doolittle
Episode III: Crashing the Baron’s Ball
Operation: Doolittle
Episode II: Eyelidless in England
Operation: Doolittle
Episode 1: Cossacks!!
Chance Nitro in: Tokyo Punch! Red and Black
Open Mic: It’s Hard Out Here for an Author Curb
The Kings in Arizona Dismissal
Zoo Story Tail
Three in Morning Funeral
Stickfight II: The Stickening Sunset
Eavesdropping on the Homeless Kids Routine
Dead Cat Car
The History of Smoking(1994— ) Gallbladder
I Saw Her First Spring
James Fitzpatrick is…Adult Ed Instructor!!! Leather
Werewolf Academy Silver
Not so creative writing (12” O. Henry Remix) Paper
The Boys in the Band Destiny
Exit Strategy (After the Crème Brûlée) Dessert
North of the Lip, South of the Nose Pick
What’s So Special About Special Ed? Binge

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