Stories written with The Portland Fiction Project
Metal Guru Guru
Another Kitchen Sink Victim
Escort Tweezer
Dry Sole Match
So Much Left To Do Mind
These Are The Stories Part VIII Partner
These Are The Stories Part VII Collage
Specks Symphony
Based on a Real Dancer Holograph
As Told By A Grandfather Clock Remote
Roommates (Part 3 - Bonding) War
These Are The Stories Part VI Love
Sadism and the Man Crusade
These Are The Stories Part V Mission
The Footprints of a Sugar Ant Vision
Roommates (Part 2 - Transitioning) Crepuscular
The Sad Truth About The World or The Happy Hour Crowd Solipsism
The Wasps Lugubrious
These Are The Stories Part IV Ineffable
Roommates (Part 1 - Introductions) Freckled
Gossip - Carmen "I’ve Lost You" "morning" "receive" "kind" "crucial" "bees"
Gossip - Josh "You will be no friend of mine" "calling" "shadow" "distance" "future" "deep"
Gossip - Julie "a thousand people just like me" "island" "teeth" "shame" "wrong" "underground"
Gossip - Chrissy "I am still here two days later" "remain" "reflect" "wrong" "village"
These Are The Stories Part III Tan
The Basketball Court Oath Liberty
These Are The Stories Part II Serenity
Parallelism Chaos
These Are The Stories Destitute
Unfinished Business Séance
The Audacity of Hope Prejudice
Self Test For Reading Addicts Ego
Superheroes Don’t Masturbate Action
Jimi and His All-Star Band Bubble
Dining With Dasher Reindeer
Grossberg’s Ringing Phone Depression
How 'Bout a Revolution? Revolution
The Mythical Fully-Inflated Balloon Sissy
The Thrilling Moments That Define Teachers As Teachers Tame
Obivious Obvious
Some Kind of Erotic Normal
A Temporary Flooding in the Town of Sanford Flood
Men, Mountains, Women and Hot Chocolate Columbus
Gilly Step
My Kingdom for a Finger Empire
Serengeti Pride Pride
Voice Activation Tripping
Fly Balls and Alcohol Orbit
Getting Lift Off Satellite
Telescopic Lens Telescope
Reflection Mirror
Roosevelt the Rooster Roosevelt
Hustle and Doughnuts Kennedy
Emancipation and Shackles Lincoln
George Washington Goes to Washington…State!!! Washington
Why We Fired Bernie (The Abridged Version) Lunchroom
Experienced Butcher Wanted/Needed Deli
Pig Skins and Pork Chops Picnic
Killer Marriage
Part Four: Served
Killer Marriage
Part Three: Stewed
Killer Marriage
Part Two: Fried
Killer Marriage
Part One: Baked
Out of the Box Black
Red Painted Nails Red
Curb Society Curb
My Last Fight, My First Fight Dismissal
It Must Be True, But It’s Fucking Embarassing Tail
The Dangers of True Fiction Ribbon
Why I Faked My Funeral Funeral
Beneath the Blue Blanket Sunset
NurseCon 100 Word Story
Clothing Clothing
Companion Ship Companionship
Smoke Ring Routine
I’m Surrounded Car
Uncoiled Spring
Judas' Last Christmas Eve Lace
Miles From the Nearest Tannery Leather
Silver Medal Silver
Paper Bags of Hot Air Paper
Northern Passage Truth
Room for Dessert Dessert
The Cave Pick

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