Stories written with The Portland Fiction Project
Polly Wanna Newborn Calf Deli
The Universe
Part Four: It’s a Small World
The Universe
Part Three: Nature Abhors a Vacuum
The Universe
Part Two: The Universe is Trying To Tell You Something
The Universe
Part One: Shilly Shally
French Braid Black
How Un-Red It Was Red
Mud Slinging Curb
Quigley Goes Down Dismissal
Fairy Tail Tail
She Funeral
The Price is Right Sunset
The Hero’s Pledge Drive Gallbladder
A Good Suit Clothing
The Regular Routine
Crouched Naked in the Dusty Attic Chicken
Buried Treasure Cleaning
Nell Snapped the Radio Off Spring
While Waiting for the Police to Arrive Leather
Family Style Mustard Silver
Safe Haven Paper
Brain Chemistry Chemistry
Proof Truth
Bread Bags Dessert
The Picker Pick
On Dinner Invitations Digest
Candy Binge
The Trip Descend
The Wreck of the Margot Climax
One Loaf of Bread and Half a Gallon of Milk Frenzy
Sleeping Beauty Cold Sweat
Dulce et Decorum Est Lightning
The Warehouse Storm Cloud
Diver Boy Mask
On the Orange Orange
Student Cocktail School
The Wake Death
A dog named Prozac Fall

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