Stories written with The Portland Fiction Project
Things Are Violent Mind
Donuts Partner
In Absentia Occupation
Everything Matters Hair
Stories Told At Night Diet
Bigger Than Life in the Middle of the Night Symphony
Fingers and Food Touchpad
To Expand Holograph
Sad People Sit Here Laser
A Story On Tahiti Using No Pronouns Love
In the Middle of the Night Security
The Coming and Going Mission
A Completely True Story Vision
Red Dress and the Basement Stultify
Brass Crepuscular
Like Mangoes on a Vine Solipsism
String Seditious
I've Lost You "I’ve Lost You" "morning" "receive" "kind" "crucial" "bees"
You Will Be No Friend of Mine "You will be no friend of mine" "calling" "shadow" "distance" "future" "deep"
A Thousand People Just Like Me "a thousand people just like me" "island" "teeth" "wrong" "shame" "underground"
Airportlandia "I am still here two days later" "remain" "reflect" "wrong" "village"
Thursdays Fridays Liberty
290 Words Slavery
Armistice Armistice
A Story Untold Chaos
Where We Are Wealth
As Told To People With Sensitive Shoes Disaster
Untitled Anonymous Success
Love in Gym Class Séance
Rocks at the Bottom Alaska
Where People Sleep When They’re Alone Disco
Jerry Floats On Jungle
Jonas Prejudice
How to Translate Into Fiction Ego
Long Thief Finger Action
Weigh My Bed Down Election
The Prisoner Assassination
How To Kill A Chicken Sissy
Absolution Tame
Earth Bound Obvious
Allison Cramer In Two Parts Normal
Ladybird In Story Form Vegas
Spaces Between Expectation

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