Stories written with The Portland Fiction Project
What Comes After Chili
Kids Chocolate
While I’m Out Tweezer
Hard Court Match
Trivial Pursuit Wax
Nights Before Razor
The End of Things Residence
Birding Partner
What Became of Peter Hair
Sin Sinai · Part Three Bouquet
Sin Sinai · Part Two Collage
Sin Sinai · Part One Symphony
After/Before/ Touchpad
The Other End of the Line Holograph
Miranda Laser
The Life of a Distance Remote
All Is Fair War
Scout's Honor Love
3114 Quest
Running the Numbers Mission
I Knew a Father Who Had a Son Vision
The Questions Stultify
Getting To Know You Crepuscular
Sleeping Together Solipsism
The Bachelors of Cornwall Salacious
It Is Always The Same In The End Seditious
IM/PERSONAL Implacable
The Homemaker Ineffable
Broken English Freckled
There’s Something Missing Here Tan
Handful of Bees "I’ve Lost You" "morning" "receive" "kind" "crucial" "bees"
Janky Teeth "a thousand people just like me" "island" "teeth" "shame" "wrong" "underground"
Requirements, Limitations "I am still here two days later" "remain" "reflect" "wrong" "village"
KFCairo Liberty
A Question Mark Chaos
Dark Matter Destitute
Why He Stayed Inside All Day Wealth
A Better Day For Horses Success
Abraham & God Séance
The Price of Bread, Milk and Pampers Alaska
Annabelle Mars
Library of Records Disco
What Came Along Jungle
Shadowing Prejudice
Going Green Flame
Departing Ego
Lydia Davis in a Wine Box Action
A Chair by the Door Tears
Girlfriends Zit
Point of Embarkation Bubble
Proof For Flight Reindeer
For A While Fast
Methods Suicide
Physical Reduction Drink
It'll Have To Do Church
On the Side of Route 12 Depression
Strains on the Union Secession
The Drawbacks of the Sexual Revolution Revolution
The Dogwoods On Lakeview Drive Expectation
Nick and Mallory Marriage
Another Uninteresting Story About Drinking Milk Straight From The Carton And What That Says About A Man Hurricane
The Bravo Show Bikini
Some Things Don’t Change Way Out Here Beach House
Eleven, Evelyn Motorcycle
Hard to Follow Tattoo
Routine Surfboard
Person/Place/Thing Aramis
This Is Why Huey Was At The Office Huey
Men and Marriages Moe
The Life and Adventures of Charles Eldridge Constance Saints
Ants Ants
In The Land Of Strong Water Orders
L'evasion Band
A Clearing In The Wood Earth
Some Notes On Getting Through The Evening Water
Something He Said Before She Left Air
The Keeper Fire
Difficulty of Response Over Time Dragon
The Subtle Difference Between Love and Hate Rat
The Lifespan of Rabbits Sheep
Acts of Love Snake
A Natural History of the New World Monoke Monkey
R A D I O C O L O M B I A Flatter
Daughter of Night Bemuse
Father Embarrass
You Know a Man By His Truck Tickle
Crossing The Pond Ice
One Thing You Don’t Know Marble
The Only Way I Know How To Tell You What I Feel Plane
October 12th Columbus
A Lunchtime Rush Step

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