Stories written with The Portland Fiction Project
Industry of Strange Coincidences Guru
Last Seen on the Roof Victim
Full Evacuation of Evil From Mind Tofu
Things Can Only Be Okay Chili
By The Hour Espresso
Shannon and Tiffany Chocolate
Across The Railroad Not Quite Eleven Tweezer
You Have Your Assignments Match
Spinning the Dreidel for Talmadge Sullivan’s Soul Wax
My Feelings for Her Became Known To Me On The Tilt-a-Whirl Mind
She’s Got Seven Mouths and They Don’t Disagree Partner
Mindy and the Douchebag Occupation
A Thawing of Reason Massage
He’s Going Off Script Bouquet
This Job Market Ain’t for Sissies Symphony
Checklist of Provocations for a Psychical Breakdown Touchpad
How Do You Think She Gets Straight A’s Holograph
Eight Foot By Eight Foot Square Laser
Liable To Spontaneously Explode Remote
It Is Not Clear What This Is About War
Exaggerations Acceptable Crusade
Rules of Horror Quest
Mediocrity Is Not Transmittable Security
Do You Come Here Often? Mission
My Love Affair with Leonard Mulsh in Reverse Vision
Without Pausing to Wish Them Luck Stultify
Compliments on the Road Home Crepuscular
What Did It Sound Like After Dark Solipsism
I’m Not That Into Lucy Salacious
Teardrop Rear Seditious
The Good Fortune To Not Be Wearing A Skirt Lugubrious
Mind Like A Cookie Ineffable
Faux Kissed Freckled
That Place "I’ve Lost You" "morning" "receive" "kind" "crucial" "bees"
Interruptions "You will be no friend of mine" "calling" "shadow" "distance" "future" "deep"
Safe Love "a thousand people just like me" "island" "teeth" "wrong" "shame" "underground"
Illusions of Suspension "I am still here two days later" "remain" "reflect" "wrong" "village"
This Sexiness Was Not Meant For Your Eyes Tan
Traveling Without Purpose Liberty
The Proper Tools Slavery
Questions Answered Armistice
On the Way Down Chaos
The Proper Protocol For Drinking Your Juice Serenity
This Line of Questioning Will Have To Be Sufficient Destitute
Vern Twister, Champion of the World Success
How To Look Your Age Cookout
And Kill Them Purgatory
Conversations With The Living Séance
Your Money’s No Good Here Alaska
A Mandatory Investigation Bonfire
I Not Only Live in a State of Confusion, I'm the Fucking Governor Mars
This Makes Perfect Sense Disco
Oral Wisdom Jungle
We Rule Prejudice
The Skytender Speed
Hemaphros Get Free Tuition Action
You’ve Got To Try This Shit Tears
MSH Seeking Female for LTR (apply within) Zit
Medicine Chowder Bubble
Be Afraid II: Sorry About The Boob Grab Suicide
The Elvis of Self-Help Drink
This House is Haunted, Let’s Drink Beer Sentiment
There Will Be Pizza Church
The 'J' Machine Sales
Poop Depression
The Yellow Towel Secession
Leslie, Larry, Dave, Dan and Anne Revolution
The New Lexicon Of Unsanitary Lewdness Invasion
Eight Miles Long Election
Productivity Is A Twelve Letter Word Assassination
Amazon Kung-fu Zombie Cowgirls, Take Caution Sissy
You Move, I Move Tame
The Difference Obvious
A Most Pleasant Evening Was Had, Now Kindly Extract Yourself Normal
We Are Also Familiar With This House Vegas
Scattered Reports of New Origins (a sequel)—Part 2 Pyramid
Scattered Reports of New Origins (a sequel) Pyramid
If I Catch You Readin' This, Your Ass is Mine Mudslide
Proactive Fortune Cookies Flood
U.F.O. Sightings At West Isle High Monsoon
What Happenz Happens Hurricane
Keep It Simple Fling
Gravity Debt Collection Bikini
Air Can’t Punch Back Beach House
She Came From Motorcycle
E. S. Poop Tattoo
Laying Bricks Surfboard
The Next Thing I Don’t Want To Hear Aramis
No Girls Aloud Huey
The Least I Could Do Moe
A Standard Variety Apocalypse Ants
Dude, Speak Up, I Still Got Beer In My Mustache Orders
A Question of Compatibility Band
Life of the Party Earth
Knuckle Sandwich on Rye Water
Dweebs Air
You Wouldn’t Understand Fire
Panse Harbor (Part 2: Let Not My Overdeveloped Flesh Lure You Into Any Illusions, The Situation Is Vastly Beyond My Control) Rat
Panse Harbor (Part 1: Don’t Take it Personally) Dragon
Fuck You, I Get Results Sheep
Sibilance Is Unbecoming On You Snake
I Swear To God I'll Monkey
A Collision of Unequal Mass Flatter
She’s In Complete Control Bemuse
Dearest Embarrass
Brady’s Problems Tickle
The Interview Ice
Bodily Fluids Note
Double Check Marble
Be Afraid Plane
Triple Word Score Columbus
Ants and the Highway Step
Matrix of Mandatory Misbehavior Epiphany

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