Stories written with The Portland Fiction Project
Futon Tale Beach House
Repairman Motorcycle
Winter Skin and Salmon Dreams Tattoo
Penumbra, Penumbra, Penumbra Aramis
Dressing in the Dark Huey
The Trouble With Sis Ants
Describing Miss Daisy Orders
Will To Power Band
Moving On Earth
The Jump Water
The French Tickler Air
Fifteen Minutes of Fuck Fire
August in the Pearl (Part 2: Her Version) Rat
August in the Pearl (Part 1: His Version) Dragon
The King’s Cut Sheep
Bad Monkey Monkey
The Verb We Choose Not To Use Flatter
Midnight Torsos Bemuse
Snuffaluffagus Embarrass
Cartoon Tongue Tickle
The Spatula Rebellion Ice
How to Kill Your Slut Ex-Girlfriend Marble
Liberty Alliance Plane
Columbus Day Killer Columbus
Popcorn Ceilings and Scottish Spades Step
Hot Spots Epiphany
Waiting for Anthony Birth
Nouns and Verbs Wind

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