Stories written with The Portland Fiction Project
The Tale of General Bergenson Secession
The Enemy Within Revolution
That Ring Around Saturn Would Make One Hell Of A Hoop Invasion
King Harvey Gets His Queen Election
The Pageant Winner Assassination
Showdown At Snake Gulch Sissy
Like Disney Cartoons Tame
Office Supplies Normal
’vegas Slogan' Ends In Hung Jury Vegas
The Accident Expectation
The Devices Employed To Reconnect With Each Other Marriage
Life Included Pyramid
Sluggin' Slides Mudslide
Rex Monsoon
My Sister’s Wedding, By the Numbers Fling
Grandma’s House Beach House
Bake Sale Motorcycle
Tattoo Stiggy’s Tattoo
The Sand Sculpture Surfboard
Listen Closely Aramis
You Think You Know a Person Moe
Blessed Saint Rita Saints
Card Games Ants
Benny Orders
The Band Without A Name Band
The Morning The Earth Stood Still Earth
The Proposal Water
My Song Air
The Eight People You Might Meet at a Pick-Up Basketball Game(But Probably Not in Heaven) Fire
An Incident at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as Told by Vito Dragon
Heart of a Rat Rat
Sleep Sheep
Larry Strikes Back Snake
Baby Teeth Monkey
Foosball Guy Flatter
The Jockey’s Plan Bemuse
Generations Collide at the Gym Embarrass
Interview Tickle
Great Uncle Bertok and the Angel Ice Sculpture Ice
Author’s Note Note
Eating Machine Marble
Grocery Store Rides Plane
Next In Line Columbus
Squirrel Tale Step
The Girl with the Brown Scarf Epiphany
Birth Announcement Birth
Hurricane Season Wind
A Trip Around the Guggenheim Empire
The Mississippi May Pole Pride
The Monkey Dream Tripping
A Food Court in Space Orbit
The Host with the Most Satellite
Party of a Lifetime Telescope
Foul Ball Mirror
The Highlight of the Trip Roosevelt
Audrey and Gustav Kennedy
The Little People Lincoln
What Became of Toilet Boy Washington
A Dog Story Cart
Free Samples Labor
Taco Tuesday Lunchroom
The Goat Deli
Death By Cunnilingus Picnic
Brushstrokes of Intrigue
The Last Coat: Final Cleanup
Brushstrokes of Intrigue
Third Coat: The Last Christmas Party
Brushstrokes of Intrigue
Second Coat: The Telltale Paint Sample
Brushstrokes of Intrigue
The First Coat: The Vixen in The Red Dress
Longevity’s Secret Revealed Cabin
The Picture of Longevity Tree
A Day’s Work Seed
The Ultimate Struggle Black
The Next Great Idea Red
Dave Saves The Day Curb
The Obituary Dismissal
All About Me Tail
The Price You Had To Pay Ribbon
Kenny Funeral
League Night Sunset
A Million to One Clothing
Chance Encounters Companionship
Mary’s Latest Hobby Routine
Carpool Lane Car
Dim Sum of All Parts Gallbladder
A Letter From the Bottom of My Heart Break
Birthmark Chicken
Last Day Cleaning
Common Law Knife Training
Ernie’s Last Stand Spring
Baby Names Lace
Lonnie Leather
Ray of Sunshine Silver
Love Blooms at the Save-A-Lot Valentine
Doctor’s Appointment Paper
Suggestion Box Destiny
Toy Store Musings Chemistry
The Last Straw Truth
For the Love of Cake Grit
Tiramisu Dessert
World’s Biggest Toothpick Pick
Clash of the In Laws Digest
The Case of the Missing Burns Binge
Brownie Descend
Weddin' Song Climax
Swedish Meatballs Frenzy
The Mug Collection Cold Sweat
Lightning Round Lightning
The One That Got Away Storm Cloud
Nixon Mask
Dress Pattern Orange
Sticky Notes School
Jazz/Blues Death
Leaf Support Fall

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