Workshop – Week 5 (Final Workshop)

This week, our final workshop in the series, we were at full strength and the prompt phrase was “I smoke my friends down to the filter.” Scott’s story, framed as an emotionally charged letter from a son to a father, kept us in the trenches of a specific family narrative while raising questions about the nature and nobility of self-imposed isolation. Alice’s piece took us into dark territory through the worldview of a masochistic character obsessed with keeping open a rather hideous wound on her finger, while still trying to survive despite the injury. This week, Shanna’s story was poetic in it’s construction of a character entirely through the keepsakes and sentimental intentions the character possesses in her home. Her piece found it’s connection to the issue directly as we followed the same character’s observance of the street-side shelter of a young girl. Geneva’s story dealt heavily and directly with the issue of pride.┬áHer central character narrates his story through the filter his own pride, giving us his acerbic view of assistance and the nature of those who act as though they want to help. This week’s pieces could be said to have Pride as a prevailing theme – especially in Scott and Geneva’s pieces – but also categorically dealt with the concept of patterns, specifically life and relationship patterns that seem to have no end, with many of the pieces centering on such patterns.

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