Workshop – Week 4

This week, week four of five, we were without Joe, who had to catch up on some of his other writing commitments for the upcoming 1,000 words reading, which he’s participating in. The prompt phrase was “The answer is no and you can never go back.” Shanna’s story covered some interesting territory contrasting two very distinct levels of interior monologue, one sophisticated and one more primal, through the veil of a couch-surfing character sometimes celebrating and sometimes struggling with her own transience. This week, Geneva’s story took us to Haight Street through a fifteen-year-old runaway girl. Her story displayed some of Geneva’s strengths, including many memorable character nuances that created a very full and real character and effective narrative. Scott profiled a sometimes sincerely apologetic, yet sometimes resentfully unapologetic homeless man who we learn about entirely through his forced apology to the world. Alice’s story focused in on the system through a series of vignettes featuring two faceless bureaucrats trying to help a schizophrenic, alcoholic man at the bequest of his brother. Responsibility seemed to be the theme of this week, each of the central characters in this week’s pieces choosing to deal with that subject in their own way.

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