Our group of writers met for 6 weekly workshops, each week bringing a new piece focusing on Domestic Violence. The goal was to create compelling short fiction pieces while exploring the subject of Domestic Violence. The writers were given prompt phrases each week, which were meant to inspire their pieces in some way, or to at least provide a jumping off point.

The six prompt phrases (listed below) were selected by project editor Jacob Aiello.

Why on earth would a man raise his hand against himself.  (Raymond Carver, “The Scratch,” c 1966).

Call one thing another’s name long enough, it will answer. (Jane Hirshfield, “Seawater Stiffens Cloth,” c 2008).

The drunken sailor who waits in her left pulse. (Anne Sexton, “For My Lover, Returning To His Wife,” c 1999).

You are sleeping, you are sleeping, I will make you be sleeping. (Matthea Harvey, “Implications For Modern Life,” c 2007).

You learned to go unnoticed behind a lamppost. (Matthea Harvey, “Word Park,” c 2007).

Suddenly I woke up among strangers. (Robert Lowell, “The Withdrawal,” c 1977).

The stories brought in each week were read and discussed by the group, both in terms of exploring the issue and in terms of storytelling.

After the sixth and final workshop, the writers had two weeks to revise and submit their pieces, and to choose from them the story to be performed at the benefit show.